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Best Safaris in Africa

New Born gorilla in Virunga

New Born gorilla in Virunga park, There is an excellent joy, excitement, and rejoicing in DR Congo’s Virunga park following the birth of two baby

What circumstances led to Rafiki’s death?

What circumstances led to Rafiki’s death?

What circumstances led to Rafiki’s death?. The poacher didn’t get to eat the gorilla or ill it. He went in to catch this small bovid

how strong could even be a gorilla?

The Congo rainforest

The Congo rainforest is known as the guts of darkness, the Congo region has long conjured up thoughts of pygmies, mythical beasts, dreadful plagues, and

where do silverback gorilla live

Where do silverback gorilla live

Silverback gorillas live high within the mountains in two protected parks in Africa. What habitat do silverback gorillas live in, and Where do silverback gorilla

How tall is a gorilla

How tall is a gorilla

Gorillas have a DNA of 98% on the brink of humans a bit like Bonobos and Chimpanzees; they inhabit the tropical and subtropical rainforests of the Virunga range region.

are gorillas dangerous

are gorillas dangerous

Are gorillas dangerous – are gorillas violent Mountain gorillas area unit a taxon of Mountain gorillas found within the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and

Gorilla safari in Rwanda

The life cycle of a gorilla

Gorillas have a really low birth rate, they produce after every four to 6 and only have 1-2 fertile days during a month. Once they conceive and provide birth they’re going not mate again

Luxury Lodges in Bwindi

Luxury Lodges in Bwindi Finest Lodges in Uganda Luxury Lodges in Bwindi impenetrable forest parkland is home to over thirteen species of primates as well

Rwanda Safaris Lodges - Luxury Lodges in Rwanda

Rwanda Safari Lodges

Rwanda Safari Lodges – Luxury Lodges in Rwanda The magnificent Rwanda Safari Lodges spread all over the wilderness around Rwanda national parks, the luxury gorilla experience

Best Budget lodges Murchison

Best Budget lodges

Best Budget Lodges in Murchison Falls Best Budget lodges Murchison falls park is Uganda’s largest park bisected by river Nile known to be the longest river within the world, the river

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