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Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park covers an area of 260km sq. and lies at an altitude of 1220m-1828m above water level having low rainfall falling at 800m only. But also contradicting is that 20% of the park’s area consists of wetland habitants including the Mburo itself. There are 4 more other lakes but Lake Mburo is that the most important of all of them .

Lake Mburo National Park Background

The name Mburo springs from an old tradition event that occurred way back and goes as saying that there lived two brothers called Kigarama and Mburo. Kigarama happened to possess a nasty nightmare at some point and he saw their land being flooded so he decided to act fast and resettle elsewhere after having warned his younger brother. Mburo was adamant about his brother’s warning and it wasn’t long before the valley was submerged washing away everything including Mburo. therefore the lake was named after Mburo.

Lake Mburo National Park location

Lake Mburo park is found along the borders of Kiruhura and Isingiro districts which are west of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Also it’s surrounded by other lakes namely Kachera, Kijanebalola and Nakivali.

African Vegetation around Lake Mburo National Park

it’s filled up with open grasslands and savanna, acacia woodland. There are different acacia trees like acacia hockii, acacia gerradii among others. There are rocky ridges; the savanna is interspersed with forested gorges while patches of papyrus swamp narrow bands of lush riparian wood land line the numerous lakes. The lake is dominated by an eponymous lake with its forest fringed shores hemmed in by rolling green hills. lake mburo

Lake Mburo National Park facts

the foremost distinct feature is that the impalas which are not easily spotted else where within the country, Butchell’s zebra, topi, bushbuck, common duiker, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, bush pig, hippos, roan antelope, eland, warthog, diurnal primates like vervet monkeys, olive baboons. There are about 315 acacia associated bird species like mosque swallow, black bellied bustard, bare-footed escape bird, Rupell’s long-tailed starling and thus the southern ground hornbill.

How to get to lake Mburo National Park

there are 2 roads which may connect you to Lake Mburo. The park is found along between Masaka and Mbarara. Branch it’s a 4hr ride from Kampala. you turn left at 13km past lyantonde up to sanga gate, continue for 5km from the foremost road to Nshara gate which is 20 mins Rwonyo headquarters.

Animals in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park

The foremost popular activity is that the boat trip (motor boat trip) which takes you around the lake and you areBird in Lake Mburo able to view hippos, waterbuck, crocodiles and three differing kinds of otters. There are many water birds like African osprey , marabou , and pied king fisher, egrets, herons and Ross’ turacos. Game drives are the only because of explore the park as you’ll spot the impalas and thus the zebras, buffalo topi among others. you’ll spot these on the road which connects to Sanga gate and Nshara gates. within the season you’ll spot warthog, Defassa waterbuck, bushbuck, elands, Butchell’s zebra and customary duiker. you’ll also spot the park’s lakes, the Rwizi rive and fringing swamps. A lick , it’s a walk to a close-by point where you’ll observe animals licking salt from the salty soil without distracting them.

Lake Mburo National Park Activities

Guided nature walks are often arranged to travel anywhere within the park though the foremost common place is that the Rubanga forest associated with birders. The park has about 315 bird species and thus is an honest place for birding. contact us for more details

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