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Murchison Fall National Park

Why you should visit Uganda

Murchison Fall National Park – Best National Park in Uganda

Murchison Fall National Park is one of the simplest game parks to go on safari in Uganda Murchison falls while in Uganda. The park is found within the Murchison Conservation Area where we also find the Bugungu and Karuma wildlife reserves and make a total area of 5107 sq km.

Murchison Fall National Park

The park is endowed with several attractions including over 76 mammal species with four members of the large five, the lion, the leopards, the elephants, and therefore the Buffaloes. Other species include bushbucks, Uganda kob, waterbucks and warthogs, giraffes, Jackson’s hartebeest, hyenas, etc. Along the shores of the Nile and within the waters you’ll see many hippos and crocodiles among other resident creatures. There also several primates in the Murchison falls national park including baboons and several monkey species.

The Murchison Fall National Park, Uganda’s largest national park is also home to over 450 recorded bird species including the rare shoebill stork. The park is also home to 23 Albertine rift endemics given its location in the western arm of the East African rift valley. Our Murchison falls birding safaris allow you to see many of these bird species with the help of our expert guides.

The highlight of your tour in Murchison Fall National Park is visiting the “Murchison Falls” a point along the Nile, within the park where River Nile forces its way through a narrow gorge 8 meters wide. The launch trip upstream is extremely interesting and offers magnificent views of the falls and a number of other wildlife species found along the shores including Buffaloes, Hippos, Crocodiles, waterbucks, and birds.

We offer several Murchison Falls Safaris with the most popular packages being the 2 Days Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari, 3 Days Murchison Falls Tour, 4 Days Murchison falls Wildlife Safari, 6 Days Murchison Falls and Gorilla tour. Check out other safari packages on our website.

Accommodation at Murchison Fall National Park

The park offers a variety of accommodations ranging from Budget Safari to Luxury and high-end accommodation. Budget accommodation that you may need during your stay at the park. Red chili Rest Camp, Yebo Camp, student center Paraa, while Murchison River lodge saves both budget and mid-range accommodation.

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