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Akagera National Park Rwanda

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Akagera National Park Rwanda – Savannah National Park

Akagera National Park Rwanda: Akagera park Rwanda (parc national de l’akagera) is found within the northeastern a part of Rwanda bordering Tanzania to the East. The park derives its name from River Kagera that flows along its eastern border. Akagera Savannah National park was established in 1934 and its one among the most important conserved Savannah national park Africa. Swamps and lakes make almost a 3rd of the park.

Akagera park is especially composed of swamps, marshes, papyrus swamps, lakes woodlands grasslands and savannah plains making it rich in biodiversity and a really good habitat for wildlife.

Akagera National Park in Rwanda

History / Background
Before the outbreak of the Rwandan genocide in 1994, Akagera covered a neighborhood of 2500 kilometers squared but some parts of the park were later allocated to refugees returning within the country after the genocide. The park now covers 1,122 kilometers squared. Akagera park wont to have the most important population of untamed dogs which the Belgian government that ruled Rwanda by then considered as a pest. Wild dogs were last seen in 1984 before a plague outbreak occurred at the park.

Location / Getting There / Address

Akagera park is found in Kayonza District, within the eastern province of Rwanda. The park is true at the Tanzania / Rwanda border and only a couple of kilometers faraway from the Ugandan border. Akagera can easily be accessed from Kigali. If you’re traveling from Uganda, you’ll easily access it through the Ntungamo – Mirama Hills Border post.

Entrance Fees

Foreign non-residents – $35 per person
Rwandan / East African residents – $25 per person
Rwandan / East African nationals – $7 per person
Kids under 5 years – (free)
kids above 6 years (normal adult rates)
Please note that the costs above are quoted on per person basis. you’ll not be allowed to enter the park beyond 6:00 PM Rwandan time.

Akagera Safari Tours

Booking safaris to Akagera park may be a good way to enjoy your Rwanda safaris. Being the sole Savannah park in Rwanda, there’s such a lot to enjoy here that you simply cannot enjoy elsewhere within the country. Akagera is that the only Rwandan park with all the large five game animals. See a number of our recommended tours to Akagera below:

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Animals in Akagera Park

Akagera park is home to varied wildlife species like buffalos, zebras, bushbucks, Massai giraffes, elands, topis, hyenas, warthogs, oribis, zebras, sitatungas, Deffassa waterbuck, roan antelopes, sable antelopes, reedbucks, civets, and different primates species. outdoor game drives also are conducted within the park. they provide visitors great opportunities for watching nocturnal animals like leopards and hyenas. Other primates species like vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, and silver monkeys among others also inhabit the park.

The Big Five Animals in Akagera

In the 1992 Rwanda war , the whole lion population within the park was wiped off. This left Rwanda with none lions for over 15 years. The lions were later introduced then were the Eastern Black Rhinos, which made Rwanda have all the large five game animals. once you visit Akagera today, you’ll spot of these animals if you perform extensive game drives.

How Big is Akagera park

Akagera currently spans 1,122 kilometers squared. It covered an estimate of 2500 kilometers squared before the spark of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. After this era of terror, a part of the park’s land was given to locals who had sought refuge in neighboring countries. Akagera is that the second largest park in Rwanda after Nyungwe Forest park .

Tourism Activities

A couple of tourism activities are often done at this Savannah park. a number of these include game drives, boat cruise, fishing, nature walks, camping, birding and more. Being Rwanda’s only savannah park, the first activity in Akagera park is game viewing. The park is endowed with numerous species of mammals. The northern section apparently offers the simplest game viewing moments. you ought to consider completing your game drives there once you visit.

The boat cruise on Lake Ihema may be a perfect opportunity for you to ascertain numerous animals right from those in water to the remainder hydration from the water banks. numerous birds get along your way too, offering stunning bird watching moments. If you would like a mix of the sport animals in Rwanda, consider booking safaris in Akagera NP. you’ll be amazed.

Fishing in Akagera park is completed from Lake Shakani. Tourists can enjoy fishing during this lake on condition that they are available with their fishing gears. the foremost beautiful thing is that you simply can keep your catch to be cooked at your hotel for dinner otherwise you can just set a fireplace and roast at the river shores while enjoying sounds of Hippos. Catfish and Tilapia fish are the foremost common sorts of fish within the lake.

Birding: Akagera park is home to over 500 species of birds making it a birders paradise. Bird enthusiasts can spot different species of birds starting from swamp and forest birds. a number of the examples are; swamp flycatcher, shoebill stork, red-faced barbet, marabou , African osprey , lilac breasted roller, Suaza shrike, long-tailed cisticola, Ross turaco, papyrus gonolek, huglens robin chat and lots of others. the simplest time to travel birding within the park is early within the morning or around night time .


Akagera National Park Rwanda

Akagera is endowed with numerous attractions and a few of those include; lake Ihema, Lake Rwanyakizinga, Lake Mihindi, Lake Hago, Lake Kivumba, Lake Shakani, Lake Cyambwe, Lake Nasho, Lake Mpanga, the wildlife within the park, bird life and an entire lot more. Your primary reason for visiting this park should be game viewing. Its best known for this and offers a shocking experience.

Akagera National Park Rwanda


Weather, Climate, and Altitude

Being a landlocked country, Rwanda is bordered to the North by Uganda, west by Tanzania, down south by Burundi and to the west by DRC Congo. The country features a large plateau that stretches from far west to east from approximately 4400 meters at its peak and about 1000 meters at rock bottom . Rwanda has sorts of tropical climate and these are wet-dry and moist. The longest season starts round the last week of March all the thanks to the last week of May. due to elevation, the forests within the northern province of Rwanda are moist all year round. they will best be visited from June to October or December to late February. Rwanda’s climate is influenced by the swinging repercussions of the ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone). this is often why the country has both wet and dry seasons.

Where to stay: Accommodation, Lodges & Hotels

Unlike other national parks, there are not any good accommodation facilities outside Akagera park . All the great lodges are inside the park and a few of those include Ruzizi Tented Lodge and Akagera Game Lodge. Ruzizi Tented Lodge may be a pick for luxury clients whereas Akagera Game Lodge caters for budget and mid-range travelers. Clients are advised to book their safaris to Akagera several months prior due to limited accommodation within the entire park .

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