Where to trek Gorillas in Africa

lowland gorilla tracking safari and mountain gorilla tours in Congo. The lowland gorillas are the most widespread of all the sub gorilla species found in Cameroon, people still ask where to trek Gorillas in Africa or central Africa, democratic republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon inhabiting most of the dense rain forests in Africa. The lowland eastern gorilla is similar to the mountain gorillas although they have distinctive features.

where to trek Gorillas in Africa

The lowland gorillas are smaller in size compared to other species having brown grey coats, wide skulls, and smaller ears. The eastern lowland gorilla is the most numerous of the four species with populations estimated between 10000-200,000 living in the rain forests. They prefer low habitats and make their homes there living in groups of up to 30 troops commonly consisting of one dominant male, females and mature offspring’s.

Gorillas are highly intelligent they might not be as much as the chimpanzee but seen using sticks to collect water and making bamboo ladders for baby gorillas to climb, they are communicable species nesting on the ground and up in the trees built with leaves. A mature male weighs up to 250 kilograms and two meters tall while standing up, they are herbivorous and eat leaves fruits, seeds, stems, tree backs, termites and sometimes insects.

The gorillas face a big threat of poaching as most times rebels camp in the forested areas and poachers especially in the democratic republic of Congo, for trade of the baby gorilla, they have been listed as endangered species. The subspecies eastern gorilla of Congo is in the Kahuzi-Beiga national park and Maiko national parks these are found in the eastern region of the democratic republic of Congo.

Kahuzi-Beiga national park was declared a world UNESCO site because of its biodiversity and being among the last remaining homes of the lowland gorillas and rainforest in Africa covering about 6000 square kilometers in size, there are two families out of 9 available for tracking in the national park. The eastern Congo is a wonderful land scape with beautiful mountains and lakes, the park is a last major sanctuary of the grauer’s lowland gorillas, they are larger and more endangered than the mountain gorillas. The park is accessible by road from bukavu, international flights can be made to Kigali trips can even begin right from Rwanda adventure to the democratic republic of Congo, visa applications are done on-line, the permit price is same like the mountain gorilla 

where to trek Gorillas in Africa

where to trek Gorillas in Africa, Tracking lowland gorillas is as exciting as trekking the mountain gorillas same applies to the lowland ones, permits should be bought prior to the tracking, the best time to travel to the democratic republic of Congo is during the short and dry seasons of May to September July known to be the driest month followed by June temperatures drop slightly during these months. The country is a rain forest zone so expect rains a time. It’s advisable to carry warm clothes, boots, insect replants, water proof covers for phones and cameras, thin sleeping bags there is a designated camping near the park or accommodation in bukavu incase camping is not best suited.