Waterfalls refer to a cascade of water falling from a height, it’s one of the most magnificent things to do and see in the pearl of Africa! Uganda is full of escarpments that provide beautiful scenic environments and water falls that emerge on these heights. Each of the falls is surrounded by different features that create a whole different environment for each visit to different places. The country shows off with several attractions including the breath taking falls that affirm that she is blessed with nature!

Uganda is blessed with several waterfalls due to it mountainous nature mostly termed as the “switzland of Africa! “and different activities can be done around the magnificent water falls which include Murchison falls, the Sipi falls, sezibwa falls, Kisizi falls, Mpanga falls, Itanda falls, Aruu falls, Karuma falls.

MURCHISON FALLS: is located in Murchison falls national park the largest conservation area in Uganda along the Victoria Nile, it’s a fall between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert the water forces its way through a small slit with in the rock with a thunder roar dropping to the plunge, the top of the falls gives a magnificent view of the water trying to find its way along the Victoria Nile with an oozing sound together with birds. You will encounter most of Uganda’s wildlife along the way to the falls for example Jackson hartebeests, warthogs, elephants, waterbucks, crocodiles it’s also a good birding sight for instance the African fish eagle, shoebill, sunbirds, king fisher among others. Activities like hiking to the top of the falls, and boat cruise to the bottom of the waterfalls are incredible!


THE SIPI FALLS: is a series of falls along mountain Elgon in Kapchorwa district of eastern Uganda, they are among the most beautiful falls giving you a chance to view lake Kyoga and George in the endless plains of karamoja at a high view, climbing Mountain elgon, starts off at some of the waterfall peaks. It is a very scenic and best place for relaxation.

SEZIBWA FALLS: sezibwa falls is a uniquely attached to a cultural back ground in the Buganda region particularly Mukono district, the falls are believed to have been given birth to by a native woman called Nakanju from the Kibe clan (one of the Buganda clans), according to history she was expected to give birth to twins but instead gave birth to these twin rivers sezibwa and mobeya, marital celebrations fetch blessings from the rivers as a sign of good luck. This the best gate away point from the crowded city center to a rest from the noisy environment activities like boat riding, fishing can be done at sezibwa.

KARUMA FALLS: The falls are located along theKampala- Gulu highway at  a appoint where the Nile crosses the road, Karuma in the local Luo language means ‘great spirits’ its believed that the rocks on which the falls are were placed by these ancestors for the Nile to flow on! The white water flows on the rocks at the surface travelers to northern Uganda and tourists visiting Murchison falls national park cross this Karuma bridge having a beautiful view of the falls. Baboons are all over the road side and keep most people entertained.


ITANDA FALLS: is a hidden treasure in Jinja district one of the most power full falls in the country show casing strength of the world’s longest   river Nile. Initially the Nile was well known source of the Nile and Bujagali falls however due to the construction of the dam, it submerged bujagali which is now no more. It is because of this that lovers of kayaking and white water rafting discovered the mighty falls. The falls has less number of tourists because of its unspoiled nature it’s a virgin fall newly discovered for tourism activity. Approximately 27 kilometers away from Jinja town.

KISIZI FALLS: Lies in Rukunjiri district the falls have a magnificent view with historical back ground of throwing pregnant unmarried women as a punishment. However, it is said that this act stopped when one of the women pulled her brother downstream together with her father. The falls have a long history of generating power for the region including the hospital, activities sky trail, bird watching, one can actually request to tour the power source.

MPANGA FALLS: is found in Mpanga forest reserve a few kilometers from lake George. It is a unique eco- system a home to critically endangered cycads. The falls rise up to 50m high giving it a beautiful view upon the rocks! While at the falls, one can do boat riding, bird watching among other activities.

ARUU FALLS: in the northern part of Uganda pader district lies these incredible falls flowing over crushed cascade of rocks. The water flowing over is very beautiful and eye catching visitors can enjoy spot fishing, birding and swimming.

Some of the water falls were submerged due to construction of dams to generate hydroelectricity power for example Ripon falls along the source of the Nile discovered by John Speke for the Owen falls dam and Bujagali falls for the bujagali dam.

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