Uganda Gorilla Habituation Experience

Uganda Gorilla Habituation Experience – Fact about Gorilla habituation

Uganda Gorilla Habituation Experience

Uganda Gorilla Habituation Experience is the process through which a gorilla family gets used to human visits and given an opportunity to a tourist to visit. A great opportunity to spend 4 hours with the Bwindi mountain gorillas families instead of the standard 1 hour for USD1500 per permit per person. The habituation experience is done in the southern part of Bwindi the Rushaga Sector. 

Gorillas Habituation Experience process takes a period of 2-3 years and it involves an advance team from the Uganda Wildlife Authority making frequent visits to the gorilla family. Upon establishing that the group is used and welcoming to tourists, the gorilla family becomes ready for tourists’ visits.

With the gorilla’s habituation experience, you move with researchers to experience how mountain gorillas are habituated. The price for mountain gorilla habituation experience is now at USD1500.00 and one can stay for up to four hours.

A maximum of only 4 visitors per day is being allowed to visit the gorilla habituation experience, compared to the 8 visitors on a normal Trek. One thing is certain, the Gorilla Habituation Experience is a one of a kind, exclusive activity in which only a select few can participate.  It is a learning experience, you learn from the researchers, trackers, rangers, conservationists, who are all part of the Habituation Process.

Bikingi Gorilla Family member – for Habituation Experience Bwindi

The Experiential Gorilla Habituation Experience in the Rushaga Area of Bwindi Forest is a Pilot Program that is closely monitored by Uganda Wildlife Authority.  It has been a phenomenal success judging by our clients’ responses.

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