How intelligent are chimpanzees?

How intelligent are chimpanzees? do chimpanzees are intelligent than humans?

How intelligent are chimpanzees?

Chimpanzees are very intelligent. They can solve problems, they observe the world around them and take in information. How intelligent are chimpanzees? They have a good memory of the places where they have found food before. They also find new food sources by watching the behavior of birds and other African primates.

Like humans, chimpanzee is able to recognized themselves. The have self-awareness. This means that they know that they are separate from the world around them.

Chimps spend a lot of time communicating with each other. A chimp will watch another chimps face closely to figure out how its feeling. Chimpanzee are capable of doing many things that other animals cannot do. In the 1970s scientist were able to teach some chimps how to use sign language.

Sign language is used by deaf people to communicate with others, by using hand and body movements. Chimps who were taught how to sign could communicate very complex ideas to their human handlers.

Tools How intelligent are chimpanzees?

Like humans, chimps have opposable thumbs. Having opposable thumbs is very important for tool use, because it means that it is possible to grasp things in the hand. This ability helps chimps to do all sorts of things, including using ng tools, gathering food, grooming one another, and grabbing onto branches and vines. Chimps are among the few kinds of animals that can use tools.  

Young chimps learn tool use from watching adult chimps. Then they practice on their own. Many tools are used for hunting and eating food chimps in west Africa use stones to mash open nuts. They place the nuts on flat rock or tree stump. Smashing the hard shell releases the tasty nut meat.

Drinking and bathing

Chimps use leaves to scoop up water from rivers or stream. Then they spoon the water into their mouths. Sometimes they use these leaf scoops to get at water deep inside trees. They also use leaves to wipe their mouth and other body parts. All these behaviors are examples of tool use.

Fishing for insects

Both in the wild and in captivity, chimps’ fish for ants and termites. They use long, thin branches or stalks to poke into ant or termites’ nests. When they pull out the branch, it is covered with ants. Then they can gobble up this tasty snack! Jane Goodall

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