City tours in Kampala

City tours in Kampala, 1 Day city tour Kampala

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, a large urban center seated on 7hills bordering Lake Victoria the second largest lake in Africa. The name Kampala originated from impala it is said that the city before urbanization was home to the impala as it kept growing probably these could have relocated to much safer places. The original hills of Kampala include Makerere, Namirembe, Rubaga, Mulago, Nakasero, old Kampala, and Kibuli. It is a city of diverse cultures and a lively social life in City tours in Kampala.

Within Kampala it may not be the best to sight see, wildlife and game but worth visiting for its numerous attractions as discussed in our list below

City tours in Kampala

City tours in Kampala – Gadhafi Mosque

In old Kampala it is the largest mosque skys craping in the city but by the Libyan president colonel Gadhafi, it’s a worship center the moslem communities especially those that are situated around the city center, many people visit the mosque even non-moslem believers this has made it popular one can even take photos while here.

Uganda National Museum

Located in Kampala along Kira road, it exhibits Uganda’s past historical events, archeological and cultural events. It’s a place reminder for our old golden days collected together including natural past being the biggest and oldest museum in Uganda, music and different performances for visitors that reach out to the museum the country is well represented.

City tours in Kampala – Bahai temple

City tours in Kampala

Surrounded by beautiful scenic environment, birds the temple is the only one in Africa built in Uganda and has for long been a wonderful place to see not only to tourists but also local people, the faith was spread and started way back over a century years ago, and is one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

Uganda martyrs Namugongo

A catholic church where people pay pilgrim from all over east Africa and other places, its famous for the Uganda martyrs who were burnt to death on the 3rd of June due to them believing in Christianity which was being denounced by the kabaka. During this time, a join in Christianity was against the cultural believe of Buganda kingdom.

Kabaka’s palace and idi Amin torture chambers,

Palace is home to the Buganda royal kings with historical heritage from the first Muganda Kintu, this is in Mengo with a lot to see you may not enter the palace but around it are old features to see each of which has a historical background to mention the Idi Amin torture chamber comprised of five cells that used to have an electrified entrance, its believed that over 200 people lost their lives in this place, the place is worth to pay a visit.

City tours in Kampala – Makerere university

City tours in Kampala

The first and most popular university in Uganda and outside Uganda, the university not only offers education to the students from various places but can also be visited while around Kampala, it has got a beautiful lovely environment with bird’s allover commonly the vultures its historical buildings and background is better seen than told.

Rubaga and Namirembe cathedral

These are worship centers for both Catholics and Anglicans while at the churches, one will have a good view of the city, sometime choose to enter church worship the lord, you can also have sightings of some birds around church.

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