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Uganda Flying Safaris, Flying Gorilla Tours. Scared of long distances and many driving hours? No worries, we have a scheduled fly in Uganda safaris make your short Uganda safari and easy. There are direct fly in from Kajjansi Uganda and Entebbe airstrip to most national parks and other tourism spots to ensure you get to your desired destination as quick as possible. The scheduled flights give short time travelers a chance to enjoy exceptional Uganda safaris by flying to any tourism destination of their choice, Aerolink and fly Uganda make your flying safari a success at reasonable rates. All flights start out from Kajjansii and Entebbe Airport to different airstrips depending on the traveler’s itinerary. Interestingly, all flights can be adjusted to meet traveler’s available time. Initially, all-domestic flights in Uganda have been operated by Aerolink, but thanks to fly Uganda which has also launched flights starting with Bwindi impenetrable forest national park started last year in 2018. In the short time to come, Fly Uganda will extend its flying safaris to other national parks to make your Uganda safari memorable.
Pamoja Safaris helps you book your scheduled flights, Helicopters, Uganda Flying gorillas safaris, Uganda Flying Safaris in Uganda to any destination of your choice served with excellent inflight services all-inclusive in the flight fares.

2 times flight to Bwindi forest national park

Fly in Uganda Safaris

Gorilla trekkers to Bwindi forest national park fly from Kajjansi to kihihi airstrip, which takes roughly an hour. From kihihi, travelers are transferred to Buhoma sector north of Bwindi forest to catch up with the gorilla trekking session. This save travelers 10 hours of driving from Kampala to kabale giving those with limited time a chance to see the endangered species in the shortest time possible. Bwindi is a home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas with 17 gorilla families habituated for trekking everyday. Direct flights to Bwindi make Uganda gorilla safaris easy even for travelers with limited time hence increased tourism revenue from the sell of gorilla permits.

Fly to Mgahinga gorilla national park

Travelers flying to Mgahinga land at kisoro airstrip in kisoro. From there travelers drive a few kilometers to Mgahinga to meet face to face with the endangered species. Safaris to Mgahinga gorilla national park also reward you with exceptional batwa cultural encounters, hiking Virunga volcanoes and golden monkey trekking among others.

Fly to Queen Elizabeth national park

Flying Gorilla Trekking Tour

For travelers to Queen Elizabeth national park, you fly from Kajjansi to kasenyi airstrip. Kasenyi is well known for the high centration if wildlife normally seen grazing and predators hunting. Expect to see herds of elephant’s buffalos, lions, antelopes, Uganda kobs and many other animals in the park. Game viewing is well done in the morning and evening hours to catch-up with animas feeding before retiring to rest. Travelers are therefore reminded to book flights in the time favorable for game viewing.

Afternoon flight to Kidepo valley national park

Kidepo is Uganda’s furthest national park located in northeastern Uganda. Air transport is the best way to reach kidepo valley national park. Travelers driving from Kampala to Kidepo normally spend two nights with en-route sleepovers due to long distance. With flying safaris, travelers fly in from Kajjansi to Apoka airstrip saving you the very many hours on the road. A Uganda safari to kidepo valley is an exceptional off beaten experience. Do not miss out a cultural encounter with the kalimajongs and IK people for memorable cultural experiences.

Fly to Murchison falls National Park

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Murchison falls is Uganda’s largest national park in northwestern Uganda and is a home to the mighty falls after which the park derives its name. Here travelers fly from Bugungu in the north or Pakuba airfield in the western part of the park. Travelers to Murchison falls national park. A boat cruise at the bottom of Murchison falls and a hike to the top of the falls is an experience of its own kind. Also Murchison falls hosts a high number of animals, which include elephants, buffalos, giraffes, waterbucks, warthogs, Jackson’s heartbeat, lions, and hippos among others. The hot air balloons in kidepo national park reward you with in-flight views of animals, vegetation and local communities in Murchison falls.

How to book Uganda flying safaris

Uganda Flying Gorilla - Uganda Flying Safaris

To book any domestic flight, contact the sales team at Aerolink or fly Uganda. Alternatively, Pamoja Safaris helps you book your Uganda flying safari at affordable rates. We advice our travelers to book fro flights at least 2 days before the actual day to ensure timely preparations.

In conclusion, you can fly to any tourism destination in Uganda. Book a Uganda flying safari to Bwindi, Semuliki National Park Murchison falls, kidepo valley and Queen Elizabeth national parks with Aerolink and Fly Uganda at best affordable rates.

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