The Tourism Channel in Uganda

The Tourism Channel in Uganda are found in Queen Elizabeth national park, a 40km natural stream joining the two lake Edward and George the channel is key in the park popular for its high population density of is relatively shallow in depth about 3 to 4 meters with two parts north kazinga and kasenyi plains both of which are good points for game viewing, lion tracking is an ideal in the plains and the tree climbing ones the southern part of the park. The channel is lined with a swamp on its northern shores beneath the Mweya peninsular, running 20 miles across two African lakes.

What to do at the Channel

The Tourism Channel in Uganda

Boat cruise along the channel gives a contrast of the land based tour in queen Elizabeth national park, a visitor can do a game drive in the morning and an afternoon boat cruise. It is home to land, air, and water based animals for example, hippos, elephants, crocodiles, buffaloes, water bucks, impalas, that come around to drink water and graze, countless bird species commonly seen is the king fisher, cormorants, pelicans, fish eagles, ducks, gulls along the channel the park its self being a paradise of birds and most sought of for birding safaris. Predators like lions, hyenas, leopards are rare to find they come briefly to drink water.

The Tourism Channel in Uganda is well known for boat cruise, at the course of the channel boat cruise sparks off at 11:00am and 2:00pm as scheduled at a cost of 32 dollars per person bookings can be made at the mweya peninsular with in the national park. The boat cruise is 3-4hours by an experienced guide

The Tourism Channel in Uganda

Your boat safari will give you an amazing scenery of the park, distant views of the Virunga mountain ranges in the democratic republic of Congo, there is a chance to see the fishing village the channel attracts a lot of wild life in queen Elizabeth national park.

The channel is located in Kasese district approximately 420km from the city Kampala, Mweya peninsular is where the boat cruise starts from about 20km from Kasese, chatter flights can be organized from Entebbe or Kajansi Kampala

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