Solo traveler in Uganda

Solo traveler in Uganda, traveling solo worldwide is not something many people opt in travels holidays. Solo travel holidays is not even considered as an option because people think of it as being boring, lonely and unsafe. But people forget that it can be one of the most rewarding way of travel. People have traveled with friends and family for years and have not yet realized the benefits of traveling alone. Solo travel Uganda, Single travel tour in Africa safari for single travelers in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo

Solo traveler in Uganda

Best Uganda solo travelers are on the increase and this also applies to Uganda gorilla trekking or affordable solo traveler in East Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and DRC Congo. Though this means more money that will be spent, it also means that you have all the freedom in the world to satisfy your interests at your on will and might.
This is one of the advantages of solo travel in Uganda and solo Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Uganda being a tourist destination for both solo traveler, group tours and families, it makes perfect sense to a solo travel; you will make very good friends and meeting up other new people. You can also team up with other travel buddies and this in itself will lead to expanding of your travel plans. For example you can hear about the world’s strongest water fall, the source of the world’s longest river, or viewing the climbing lions of Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth national park. If this wasn’t originally on your plan, you can easily adjust according to your budget and available time.
Traveling solo, you are always open to change and you will welcome it with your arms wide open. This is different from a group travel because it’s more difficult in adjust to new changes and agenda. Here you follow your desire and thus flexibility is often assured.

Single Traveling in Uganda

Traveling alone in Uganda also challenges your insecurities and fears. Uganda is the best Uganda Safaris destination for wildlife adventure Safaris, Gorilla trekking safaris, primates tours in Uganda, you and this is because its people are very welcoming. In the past years it was dubbed one of the most welcoming countries in the world and this should boost your confidence and downplay your fears while Single Traveling in Uganda in this beautiful country.

Solo traveler in Uganda

Once you’re done with this adventure you will be proud of your self. Uganda travel as a destination that will always let you know that fear shouldn’t control your life because it is home away from home. But you must know that fear is normal and perfectly human.
Your solo drive in Uganda Safaris or Uganda tours will give you the opportunity for you to make new friends. Though many people don’t enjoy putting themselves out there to strangers because of cultural differences and rigidities. But what’s different about Uganda is that people are more than willing to associate and help whenever you are in need  and also be friends therefore it is up to you to choose what type of friends that you always want.

Uganda Safaris

The pearl of Africa is also the perfect place for you to connect with yourself. Uganda as a country is blessed with so many cultures and this can be the perfect way for you to learn new cultures and different ways of living by yourself. One of the important benefits for solo traveling is self – reflection, on how better you want to live your life, what you hate about yourself, what you want in life and what you don’t want, among others.
Uganda is generally not that expensive although traveling alone may seem quite costly, than when in a group. Uganda is the perfect destination for you because you certainly have no one to impress other than yourself. The country is a haven for wildlife, both flora and fauna, and a notable home for mountain gorillas (shelters half of the total world’s population), the Big 5 mammals, over 1500 bird species (more than any other country in East Africa). Visit Uganda Safaris and enjoy the hidden treasure of Africa.

When to visit Uganda?

10 Days Uganda Primate Safari

Uganda, Rwanda and Congo can be visited at any time all year round, chimpanzee tracking, Golden monkey and gorillas trekking safari tours is most tourists itineraries and permits are available throughout the year. Uganda is a tropical rainfall country. The wettest months are March to May and these months can be problematic to travel in. During these Wet season months, it’s does not stop any activity, though you may need to have 4 wheel safari vehicle for some roads that become very muddy and hard to negotiate. The Dry season months of June to August and December to February offer the easiest travel conditions. Any one can trek gorilla all year round and the park keep open for all Ugandan gorilla trekking. General wildlife viewing in the Savannah reserves. It’s also best during the Dry season months as animals gather around rivers and waterholes, and the grass is shorter, which makes spotting easier.

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