Paraa Safari Lodge

Paraa Safari Lodge is one of Marasa group of Company that was established in 1954, Paraa Safari Lodge is in Murchison Falls National Park. The Safari Lodge is located in the northwest of Uganda overlooking one of nature’s best-kept secrets, the River Nile, on its journey from its source at Lake Victoria to join Lake Albert – here it is suddenly channeled into a gorge only six meters wide and cascades 43 meters below. Paraa Safari Lodge will offer you excellent experience close to the heart of wildlife.

The earth literally trembles at Murchison Falls – one of the world’s most powerful flows of natural water.
Paraa Safari Lodge offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation, and adventure. Each of the rooms is a haven of style and serenity, complete with a balcony and private bathroom.

The wildlife biodiversity in Murchison Falls National Park contains the most astonishing number of species – 76 types of mammals and 451 different birds.

The River Nile, on its journey from Murchison Falls, attracts a whole host of different wildlife such as crocodiles, hippos and water birds. Other animals include lion, warthogs, buffalo, rare aquatic sitatunga antelope, giant forest hog, Uganda kob, topi, waterbuck, elephant, and leopard.

Mammal species – 76, Birdspecies – 451.

The national park plays host to many unique attractions and adventures.

Suggested activity at Paraa Safari Lodge

As Murchison Falls is the main attraction of the national park, there are several ways to travel to, and to view the falls:

Launch trips on the Nile

A highlight of any visit to the Murchison Falls Conservation Area is the launch trip to view the magnificent Murchison Falls.

Trips normally depart at 9.00 am and 2.00 pm. Hippos and crocodiles are abundant and you will see plenty of game and birdlife. The voyage takes about three hours.

Hike to the top of the Falls

Guests who enjoy rigorous exercise may disembark from the launch in the Fajao gorge for the 45-60 minute climb to the Top of the Falls.

One can then walk back to the boat (by prior arrangement) or be collected by a vehicle at the top. A UW A ranger guide is required for this activity.

Drive to the Falls

The most rewarding times for game drives are the early morning and late afternoon/early evening.

A drive through the scenic Buligi area west of Paraa to the Delta Point (where the Victoria Nile passes through the northern tip of Lake Albert to become the Albert Nile) takes around three hours. Expect to see elephant, buffalo, giraffe, Jackson’s hartebeest, and oribi.

With luck, lion and perhaps even a leopard may be sighted.

Morning game drives start at 7 am.

Breakfast can be taken beforehand at 6.30 am or afterward at around 10 am. Evening game drives start at 4 pm. With prior notice, the lodge will book a UWA ranger guide to accompany you and help spot the game.

Day 1:

Safari drive + boat ride to the bottom of Murchison Falls.

Day 2:

Morning safari drive + river cruise on the Nile at the bottom of Murchison Falls + Drive to the top of Murchison Falls.

Day 3:

Boat trip to the Nile Delta + evening safari drive + boat trip on the Nile to the bottom of Murchison Falls + Nature walk to the top of Murchison Falls.

Day 4:

Morning safari drive + launch trip on the Nile to the bottom of Murchison Falls + drive to the top of Murchison Falls + nature walks + hike to the top of Murchison Falls + chimpanzee tracking + boat trip to the Nile Delta + culture talk

Day 5:

Morning safari drive, bush breakfast, launch trip on the Nile to the bottom of Murchison Falls, drive to the top of Murchison Falls, nature walks, hike to the top of Murchison Falls, chimpanzee tracking, boat trip to the Nile Delta, culture talk, Rhino sanctuary visit.

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