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8 Days Luxury Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Gorillas permit in Uganda

Gorillas permit in Uganda , Mountain Gorillas scientifically known as Gorilla beringei are Uganda’s most selling attraction, they weigh up to 300 to485 pounds and

15 Days Adventure Uganda Safaris

Chimpanzee Tracking in Rwanda

Nyungwe forest national park is Rwanda’s leading chimpanzee tracking safari destination for primates and birding tours in Rwanda. Nyungwe forest Rwanda is the source of

Mountain Gorilla in Africa

Mountain Gorilla in Africa

GORILLA TREKKING IN RWANDA UGANDA CONGO Comparing gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo  Pamoja Safaris Uganda are without doubt, we are the most

Best Uganda Safaris

Why you need to visit East Africa?

Why you need to visit East Africa? East Africa is made up of six countries and these include; Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and lately