Mount Muhabura

Mount Muhabura – African Mountains

Mount Muhabura an extinct volcano found at the border of Rwanda and Uganda and among one among the famous Virunga ranges straddling within three countries that’s Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, the mountains also are home to the remaining number of worlds mountain gorillas.

Mount Muhabura – African Mountain ranges

Mount Muhabura is the 3rd highest of the eight volcanoes with an elevation of 4,127 meters above sea level, the name Muhabura or Muhavura as its refereed sometimes is derived from a local Kinyarwanda word to mean “the Sentinel”. And in Uganda, it means “the guide”.

Mount Muhabura is one among the steepest and hardest to climb among the Virunga volcanic mountains, the mountain boasts with a gorgeous crater at the summit which is about 400 meters providing spectacular views of the 2 twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera.

There are three resting points while climbing mount Muhabura the first at 3,116 meters above sea level, second at 3855 meters and the final one at the summit at 4,127 meters above sea level. The vegetation at the highest of mount Muhabura is additionally always drier compared to the remainder of the park.

What to do at mount Mhabura

The bamboo vegetation at the slopes of Mount Muhabura is home to mountain gorillas which may trek in volcanoes park in Rwanda or Mgahinga park in Uganda, the habituated Nyakagezi gorilla family in Mgahinga national park can trek at only $600 and you can trek any family in volcanoes at $1500, when planning to trek gorillas tourists should always endeavour to acquire permits earlier in both countries especially in the dry season as they can be scarce due to high demand.

Trekking golden monkeys should be one among the activities you shouldn’t miss when hiking mount Muhabura, the mountain has the very best concentration of golden monkeys within the world numbering from 3000-4000 in Mgahinga national park in Uganda. Golden monkey groups can make even up to 80 individuals they also love their photos to be crazy flash cameras, unlike gorillas.

East African Mountains

Most of the birds seen in mount Muhabura are endemic to the Albertine region so there are higher chances of seeing similar birds when climbing from Rwanda or Uganda, some of the birds you’ll see on the hike include; Ruwenzori turaco, chaplyns flycatcher, Grauers wabler, spur winged lapwing, African osprey , speckled mousebirds, alpine, whydah; blue-headed coucal, Kivu ground thrush and black kite to mention a few.

Tourists climbing mount Muhabura will got to have packed lunch, water, waterproof hiking boots, warm clothing, raincoats, garden gloves, energy snacks, insect repellents, sunscreens, socks and lots of other belongings you might need.

Porters are always available at the park’s headquarters in both volcanoes park in Rwanda and Mgahinga park in Uganda, the value charged by porters will always depend upon your baggage but not more than $25.

Climbing costs

Climbing mount Muhabura costs $80 per person. This requires tourists who are physically fit. The hike takes only 5-6 hours counting on the speed of the climber. Hiking starts after an appointment at the park headquarters at 7:00 am within the morning.

Getting There to the Location

Mount Muhabura are often reached within 10 hours drive from Kampala and Volcanoes park are often reached in 3-4 hours drive from Kigali. The easiest is flying into Rwanda then visit Volcanoes park to hike mount Muhabura but if you’re more adventurous then the Ugandan side is favorable.

The best time to go to mount Muhabura is within the season from June to September and December to February this is often because the mountain is steeper than the very best which is Karasimbi and therefore the trails can get very muddy and slippery within the wet season making your experience hard though it should be noted that weather are often unpredictable it can rain anytime but in the dry season the sky always clears up and the sun shines after a downpour.

While visiting Mount Muhabura, tourists can sleep in mount Gahinga lodge, Travellers rest hotel in Kisoro, Amajambere iwachu community camp that’s if you’ll hike from the Ugandan side, tourists hiking from volcanoes park can sleep in best view hotel, five volcanoes boutique hotel, Sabinyo Silverback lodge, mountain gorillas nest lodge, and Leonardo gorilla lodge among the remainder , Where to sleep will depend upon the tourists budget and selection .

When climbing from the Ugandan side, tourists can clear from Ntebeko visitors center at Mgahinga Gorilla park and at Kinigi park headquarters while climbing from Rwanda.

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