Budget Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Budget Gorilla Trekking Safaris – Most affordable Uganda safari – Safaris Uganda. Do you want to add more lists of a country you visited in the world? Budget gorilla trekking Uganda safaris will craft for you cheap Uganda tour to gorilla safaris that will keep your wallet untouched. You are interested but want to trek gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda? There is absolutely nothing to worry about because our budget gorilla trekking packages are all here to offer you an amazing gorilla trekking experience at low unbeatable prices. What more could be better than this? See some of our budget gorilla tours below to get started with your gorilla tour booking process.

Budget Gorilla trekking Safaris

We care so much about budget travelers, the reason why we always try so hard to arrange for them affordable gorilla safari experiences irrespective of their budget. So how do we manage this? Accommodation, 4X4 Vehicles greatly determine the final price and how cheap your gorilla safari can get.
High-end safari lodges will definitely cost you much compared to cheap / budget safari lodges. We carry this burden for you! Our role is to look for partnerships with several standard safari lodges so that we are able to get their services and facilities at low discounted rates and in turn offer them to you. With such kinds of measures in place? We are very able to organize stunning budget gorilla safaris for our gorilla trekkers with comfortable accommodation facilities and all meals of the day included.

Why Budget Gorilla Trekking Safaris

With such offers, you can make your budget gorilla trekking safari cheaper. Please note that booking your Uganda gorillas safari during the low season will no longer guarantee you a gorilla permit of $450 in Uganda. This was recently altered and permits now will cost a standard price of $700 in the next financial year. Permits can only be purchased at the most affordable discount in Uganda compared to our Neighbor Rwanda.
The affordable gorilla trekking safari packages above are customized to be as cost-sensitive as possible. You can go ahead and choose one as you plan for your next safari. Do not hesitate to request any changes that you feel will make your budget gorilla tour package better. Please also note that our Uganda tour packages are way different! We include mid-range lodges at budget rates and this way, you are able to enjoy very comfortable services on a budget.

Comparing Budget Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo

Budget Gorilla Trekking Safaris - Explore African Primate Tours

The budget gorilla trekking Uganda experience is apparently the best. Bwindi Forest National Park has so many cheap accommodation facilities that you can choose from. A few standard mid-range lodges are also willing to offer their services to budget clients. A gorilla permit costs only $700 in Uganda. This is $900 less than the Rwanda permits fee and $150 higher than Congo’s. The best affordable gorilla trekking are definitely got from Uganda. Bwindi National Park offers over half the remaining endangered mountain gorillas in the world.

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There is nothing like budget gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Rwanda officially became a luxury gorilla trekking safaris when they doubled their gorilla trekking permits fees in 2017. A permit in Rwanda now costs $1500, an amount that can book you a three-day comfortable gorilla trek in Uganda and even leave you with pocket change. If you feel you must really see Rwanda gorillas, you can still cut down on accommodation and transportation costs.

Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safari

The situation in Congo is a 50/50 but excellent for Nyiragongo Volcanic Hiking. You save on gorilla permits by paying only $450 but spend more on accommodation since they have only top notch safari lodges.
What to expect from a cheap gorilla trekking safari
Going cheap doesn’t mean you are bound for a horrible experience. Most people understand this and not all tour operators are able to arrange comfortable experiences for you. Just like mentioned earlier, when you book a budget gorilla tour with us, we offer you mid-range accommodation facilities with all meals included. Most of our budget gorilla safari clients sleep in Budget gorilla trekking lodges Feel free to Book your dream come true African primate Safari in Uganda.

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