African Primates

African Primates in Kyambura Gorge

African Primates

Kyambura gorge also known as the valley of apes is one tropical forest in the western rift valley it’s also known as the Kyambura game reserve and is part of Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda. The area is an important water source for many animals surrounded by the Savanah, it’s generally noted for its high concentration of African primates. Kyambura gorge supports a population of African primates which are termed to be the greatest apes and closest to mankind. it acts as an oasis in the desert to Queen Elizabeth national park in the dry seasons.

The gorge is always the only place for refreshment, water flows from the rocks keep the gorge green all the time. The gorge makes a natural boundary separating the Kyambura wildlife reserve and Queen Elizabeth national park. And is located in the eastern section of the park.

What to see at Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura is the only place in queen Elizabeth national park where you can see habituated chimpanzees and other primates, for example, red tailed monkey, black and white Columbus monkey, baboons, giant forest hogs, and other animals. The park is also known for its various species of birds like African finfoot, falcons, blue-headed bee-eater, and kingfishers not forgetting the beautiful butterflies. On the gorge floor there lies the majestic Kyambura river with a population of resident hippos.

The gorge is an isolated place with in the park a lot of chimpanzees have been trapped in this lost world deep and ancient forested, running through the African savannah and for over fifteen years it has been cut off from the rest of the park leaving these chimps abandoned and imprisoned. The chimps face a daily challenge of living or dying whether to risk and leave the gorge where it’s safe or move out to search for food and face their predators.

Chimpanzee tracking is one of the most attractive tourist activities in the country, it’s most famous in the Kyambura gorge its underground forest is one of the hosts for the primate’s .the beauty of the jungle, its great hike and Gentle River has led people to consider it a good spot for chimpanzee tracking while in Uganda. Chimpanzees are rare in this gorge so one should consider the trip more of a gorge walk as sometimes chimps may disappoint to see them but the gorge never disappoints. The gorge can be best explored on foot so taking a nature walk guided by any well trained and highly knowledgeable guide, this reveals the natural beauty of the gorge as well as its flora and fauna with in the depths of the gorge.

Kyambura gorge is the only place within Queen Elizabeth national park where one can see the habituated chimpanzee on any of their chimp safaris, reservations can be made at mweya visitor information center with in the spectacular queen Elizabeth national park. They also offer information on game drives, nature walks and more about the national park.

How to get to Kyambura gorge

Kyambura is located on north of eastern side of queen Elizabeth national park approximately 30km from queen Elizabeth national park .chatter flights can be organized from Entebbe international airport to air strip in southwestern part of mweya. Using road usually takes 6hours drive from Kampala. accommodation within and the outskirts of queen Elizabeth national park, for example, jacana lodge, Mweya safari lodge, kyambura gorge lodge among others.

Kambura gorge is a paradise ounce visited one would think of God’s experience, or that science is real. Its beauty is one thing an individual should never miss to see.

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