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Mountain Gorilla in Africa

Mountain Gorilla in Africa

Comparing gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo

Pamoja Safaris Uganda are without doubt, we are the most selling type of tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Thousands of tourists visit these three countries for gorilla trekking safaris but most of the gorilla tours take place in Uganda and Rwanda. Through this article, you will learn about mountain gorillas, understand gorilla tracking packages and get a comparison of this activity in each of the three countries.

Mountain Gorilla in Africa are the most endangered animals in the world; this is because of their habitat loss, poaching in the areas they live in. They are very fascinating and rare primates that cannot be easily found anywhere in the world. However, you can only find and see them in Africa, in countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Their conservation status has put them in the lime light and every traveler to Africa has developed a feeling of having a glance at them before their extinction. The Mountain Gorilla in Africa had increased their population from 620 in 1989 to 880 today.

Mountain Gorilla in Africa

Where to find Mountain Gorillas
Countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo as the only places to find and see the mountain gorillas, have also given tourists a one life time opportunity to encounter these unique creatures in their national parks of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for Uganda gorilla safaris, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park for Rwanda gorilla safaris and Virunga National Park respectively.

Mgahinga national park, volcanoes national park and virunga national park are found on the Virunga Mountains. Unlike Bwindi national park which lies in the south western Uganda on the edge of the rift valley. The best Africa gorilla safaris are experienced within three of these national parks excluding Mgahinga.
For adventurous tourists, Uganda gives you the highest advantage in doing a gorilla trekking safaris compared to the neighboring Volcanoes National park in Rwanda and finally Virunga National park in Congo.
Comparing Uganda, Rwanda and Congo Gorilla Trekking
One of the reasons of trekking Uganda mountain gorillas is that, Uganda is recognized as the safest and more secure gorilla trekking destination in East Africa where you can view the gorilla in a Serene surrounding compared to Congo. Trekking gorillas in Congo is fairly recommended because there are political instabilities and bush meat poaching infiltration of the park and especially in the Eastern part of Congo in both en route to the park and within the park itself.  This has caused the frequently poached gorillas to move to the Uganda or Rwanda sides of national parks in the Virunga Mountains giving Uganda an upper hand for trekking.  I would say a 3 days Uganda gorilla safari beats the rest in terms of numbers.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda takes place in Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park. In Mgahinga national park, the gorillas are mainly found in the mid vegetation on the Virunga Volcanoes of Mount Muhavura especially in the open areas of the bamboo zone. Trekking gorillas in this park was difficult since the gorillas used to go back and forth to Rwanda making it inconsistent for the activity yet there is only one gorilla family called the Nyakagezi group. However currently, trekking gorillas in Mgahinga is carried out and it is rewarding as you will go through the volcanic hills which offer the impressive views of the lakes below Kisoro sub region, Kigezi highlands and the impenetrable forest of Bwindi. So tourists are rest assured of finding them if they choose to trek the Mgahinga gorilla group.
Bwindi Impenetrable national park has higher levels of trekking the mountain gorillas compared to Virunga mountains national parks. This is because of the difference in the nature of their landscapes.
Bwindi impenetrable national park is a rain forest with thick and dense undergrowth and varying landscapes which make it an impenetrable forest.
The terrain is very challenging as it is hilly with steep slopes and narrow valleys, with beautiful birds singing all over the forest, keeping in mind that Bwindi is one of the birding destinations in Africa according to Africa bird club. You will have experience of both uphill and downhill on your hike before you locate the gorillas.

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